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The Battenburg Lace Fashions.
A Fine Linens & Home Furnishings Place
A Battenburg Lace Store Company.



General Store Information

E Mail: sales@battenburglace.us

Ordered by Phone
(214) 939-2623

You can
Pickup your order
at our Dallas Office.

You can pre-order our products,
then picks it up at our

Dallas Office.
I-35N/Regal Row/Viscount

please call in advance.

Online Store

Ordered by Phone
(214) 939-2623

General Store


Mulit Tone Placemat
Guest Towels
Waffle Weaves Towel
Battenburg Bath Towel
Cabinet Shelf Lace
Jewelry Boxes
Lace Parasol
Battenburg Lace Gifts
Baby Battenburg
Shower Curtains
Window Curtains
Coverlet  & Dust Ruffle
Top Sheets
Duvet Covers
Pillow Shams
Baby Pillow Case
Baby Pillow Case Color
Baby Pillows Color
Wine Glass Covers
Sachets & Potpourri
Tissue Box Cover
Quilt Baby
Vintage Round Bun Warmer

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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen



Shower Curtains
Contemporary color
White and Red

Princess Anne Lace swags

Princess Anne Curtain Set
Designers'  Valance
Real Old Time Battenburg Lace
Size:30"x90" $78.00 each.

Custom windows treatments,
Or other "Victorian" Decorations
Lace Windows Swags.
Lace Windows Panels.

Lace Windows Curtains
Susan Lace Windows Curtains
Ecru color.
Double Color Guest Towel.
Brown with Aqua border
$7.99.00 each piece.
36" Square Tablecloth
Dynasty Embroidery Cutworks.

Crochet Lace Doilies
18" Round Crochet doilies
Ecru color

Hand Made Battenburg Lace
Tablecloths. 68"x105"
Tablecloth 68"x120"

Hand Made Battenburg Lace
Round Battenburg Lace
88"x88" Round.

Hand Made Crochet Tablecloths
Old Fashions Crochet Designs

Linen Hemstitch Square Placemats
14x14" Square Hemstitch Placemats
Double Hemstitch within Hemstitch
Bright Orange color polka dots.

Vintage White Embroidery
Toiler paper roll holder
Old Fashions Style
Battenburg Lace Guest towel
Guest Towel.
Ecru or White color.

Vintage Embroidery
Treasure Chests.

Crochet Runner
Irish Roses Crochet
Raise Roses Design
16"90" White color.

Linen-Color Linen Runner
16"x45", 16"72" 16"x90"
Tablecloth Irish Roses
Hemstitched with Roses
Old Times Battenburg Lace
Designers' Panel

Size: 120"(L) x 25"(W)
$60.00 each
runner - princess grace style(2.5 in).JPG (15163 bytes)
Princess Grace Style runner
Many style to choose from.
Canterbury Style
Battenburg Lace Tablecloth

Linen Napkin Hemstitch
22"x22 inches
20"x 20 inches
18" x 18 inches

 Old Time "Cluny" Lace
Heart Shape Placemats
$39.99 / set of 4

Napkin. Linen - Linen color
20x20" or 22x22" Dinner Napkins.
All Linen Fabric with Linen color
Original woven linen color.
 Linen - Linen color
Cocktail Napkin. 6"x6" Square.
All Linen Fabric with Linen color
Original woven linen color.
Guest Towel - Linen color
Guest towel 14"x22"
All Linen Fabric with Linen color
Original woven linen color.

Dinner Napkins
18"x18". 2" hemstitched border
French Roast center
Aqua Blue color border
$48.00 per dozen

Dinner Napkins
18"x18". 2" hemstitched border
White background
Raw Sienna color border.
$36.00 per dozen

Dinner Napkins
18"x18". 2" hemstitched border
Whole color napkins.
Apple Butter color.
$36.00 per dozen

Battenburg lace doilies.
Sizes:4", 8",10",12",16",18"round

Princess Anne Style
16" round placemat / napkin

Battenburg Lace doilies
Round Happy Hearts Design

Battenburg Lace doilies
Square Happy Hearts Design.

Vintage Battenburg Lace
Lace doilies #108

Battenburg Lace
with all lace doilies.

Christina Style
Butterfly lace dresser scarf

Battenburg Lace
Glass covers.
Table Runner

Solid Black Color
Table Runner
16x36", 16x45",
16x54" & 16x72"

Bun Warmer
Vintage Old Fashion Battenburg

Bun Warmer.
Vintage Old Hemstitch.

Bun Warmer.
Vintage Ecru battenburg lace
Waffle Weave Towel
Kitchen Towels
Pearled Ivory color

$5.99 each.
English style pillow cases.(2.5 in img).JPG (14242 bytes)
 hemstitch baby pillows
 and cases

Linen hemstitch duvet cover
Light Cream (bone) Color
Double color napkin
Cocktail size napkin

Hot green / Brown border

Luxembourg Style
Fancy hemstitch design
pillow shams

Victoria Style Pillow shams
Tablecloth Eggnog color
Oval tablecloth
Imperial Embroidery

Crochet Tablecloth
Round Table top
34" Round Crochet Topper
Hemstitched Round
90" Round Tablecloth
Hemstitched with
White polka dots.

Battenburg Lace
Square Lace doilies.
7 inches doilies
Cream Ivory color.
Baby Pillowcases Color Trims
Apple Butter color
$24.00 set. (2 cases)

Battenburg Lace Stocking

Vintage Embroidery Tree Skirt

Vintage Embroidery
Bun Warmer
Vintage Lavender Embroidery

Tissue Box Cover.
Vintage Old Hemstitch.
Extra Fine Crochet Threads
Southern Stars Design>
Round Lace doilies.

Battenburg Lace Bath Towel
Bath Towel 28x46"
Vintage Battenburg Lace

Large Hand Towel 16x26"
Baby Pillow
Baby square pillow sham 12"
White color baby pillow
Baby pillow.
Baby 12 inches square pillow
Double color design.
Raspberry Sorbet with
Flame Orange color border
Table Runners.
Natural Linen color.
(Winter White).

54 inches square
White Black Trims


Vintage Imperial Embroidery
Crib Quilts.
$29.99 each.

Battenburg Lace Crib Ruffles.
$29.99 each.

Vintage Diaper Stacker
$14.99 each.

Old Fashions Battenburg
Hand towel
$42.00 per dozen.
Cream Ivory color.

Large gift bag
8" by 11"
Hemstitched trimming.

Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel

Crochet Tablecloth 72x108"
Burgundy color.

Crochet Tablecloth 72x108"
Hunter Green color.

Extra Fancy Embroidery
Extra Fine Hemstitches
Guest Towel
$19.99 each.











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